16 OEM’s demonstrate 71 different Z-Wave products


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I found this article a while ago, but forgot to post it, it shows who is working on Z-wave products, and are hopefully releasing these products soon if they haven't already:

Longbeach, November 16, 2004. At EH Expo, 16 Z-Wave OEM’s teamed up to demonstrate true interoperability by networking 71 different type of products into one Z-Wave network in the Z-Wave pavilion at EH Expo. Thermostats communicating with PC’s that open garage doors and switch of lights, all by pressing one button. Convenience, comfort and conservation are the demo themes in the Z-Wave Pavilion, in line with consumer usage models of the technology.

A bit over 1 year ago the technology started shipping and today about 35 SKU’s are shipping in significant volumes. So far not one interoperability concern has been reported. This builds strong confidence amongst other Z-Wave OEM’s with the result that hundreds of new SKU’s will be launched 2005. New partnerships are being formed between companies that had little business in common in the past but now see opportunities collaborating in a “network†of Z-Wave OEM’s.

One internet connection in the world didn’t make that much sense but the more connections that are the greater value is derived. Z-Wave works exactly like that and its deployment is growing from day to day. “ With this tremendous traction we now have made the fundament for the de-facto standard for wireless home control†according to Per Nathanaelson, CEO of Zensys. “I would like to congratulate all our customers with building these great applications on top of our Z-Wave technology bringing really new consumer usage models that will not only make our lives easier but also safer and less energy consuming.â€

OEM’s that are demonstrating products at The Z-Wave pavilion are: ACT, Convergex, Intermatic, Homeseer, Leviton, Casaworks, IntelliCon, Home Automated Living, Wayne Dalton, Techniku, Scientia, Zykronix, Boca Devices, TwisThink, Home Director and Zensys.

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