1st home automation project complete


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I have had my Elk M1 running on a test bench for several months now waiting until it could be installed in my home. A couple weekends ago I was able to place it in an enclosure and wired in a M1XOVR relay board away from the main unit to use for irrigation. We just had our yard irrigation installed this past weekend and everything seems to be running smoothly.

The irrigation runs automatically on a schedule which is configurable from the keypad (or the ElkRP sofware of course). I can also manually run a full cycle (meaning more than one valve after one another) from the keypad, disable the automated schedule, stop the system, or start an individual irrigation valve from the keypad.

I am also running CQC on my home pc which at some point will be swapped our for a home automation/home theater pc. Most of the above can also be done through the CQC interface as well.

This is really the 1st project I have completed up to this point and I would like to thank everyone here, and at the CQC and Elk forums for helping me with this.

Here is my working CQC screenshot for controlling the irrigation. I took this screen shot a few months ago but it is now fully operational.

It looks nice. I like that leaf image. If you could go with that type of look for other images used on the blue background, that would make for a nice style.
Thank you. The green leaf indicates that that irrigation valve is currently On, while the gray flower valve is Off.