1wire Kegbot in Minneapolis, MN


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Just thought I'd throw out there that I am working on using some 1wire boards that I bought off of hobby-boards.com to make my own kegbot. I'm still working on the software but the hardware is all working so far. Has anyone else here done any work with 1wire networks or made their own kegbot?

I'm doing mine on windows using the .net drivers provided on the iButton site. I'm primarily a software person not hardware but the field of home automation seems very exciting and relatively untapped. I'm from the Minneapolis area, is anybody else from around here as well? Looking for a software guy for any reason?


Welcome! The kegbot looks like a fun project. I just got finished building a bar with a insulated keg chamber so I know the joys of some draft beer :) I been thinking about doing something similar to the LazyD using my CO2 system and the bar, but other things have gotten in the way.

The FAQ seemed a bit out of date so keep us updated on your progress!