2-wire smokes


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After going through my smoke detector project, at several times during the installation I was thinking it would be great to have the equivalent of a data bus hub for 2-wire smokes. This would give you the flexibility of having multiple runs, which may be easier to install (rather than one continuous circuit).

In prepping to install the 2W-MOD2 (System sensor accessory to send a maintenance/freeze signal to a panel, also does 4-wire to 2-wire conversion) it occurred to me that it does a similar function, albeit at a much higher price. You would need one per circuit (I think they were about $50 each) but that could be a bargain in certain circumstances.

I'm haven't finished putting mine in (the 2W-MOD2), and I'll post the results (should be soon, got sidetracked linking thermostats and sprinklers in), but I wanted to share the concept in case it helps anyone with an Elk.

Oh, and for the question that may be brewing: Do I really need the maintenance signal in a residential home? Probably not, but since it can be done why not integrate it. Then again if you are reading this, you probably aren't questioning it much...

Of course you could always just do multiple 4-wire smoke runs, which is much cheaper even taking into account EOL relays.