20 Page Hard Bound Leather Photo Book for FREE! (Pay $6.99 SHipping)


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Cozi and Shutterfly have teamed up to offer a FREE photo book, when you sign up. (Normally $30)

This is a limited time "While supplies last thing, and can disappear at any time! I suggest signing up fast, and you have till the end of October to create and order the book.

I personally did not download the Cozi software, and used a spam account email address for the sign-up.

The sign-up is simply a user name, password and email address... no billing and personal info really.

This would be a great way to organize all of you before, during and after project photo's!

When you work on the book, and add it to the cart, you will see it's $29.99 for the book, continue to checkout, and the book price will drop to $0.00, and then just pay $6.99 for the shipping.

the page to create the book is impressive, and done in Web 2.0 style. There are thousands of fonts, color combinations and such that can be done. You can also choose a leather, suade, or fabric cover, in many colors. (THe $10 add on for the leather book was also free when I got to the checkout process) You can also pay $1 a page, to make the book as large as you want, if 20 pages is not enough.

If you want a 100% custom book, you can easily use Photoshop or another graphic program to make 8 1/2 x 11 images, and just use the full page photo layout for each page.

I just put one together as a personal portfolio of my favorite images. I am a semi-professional photographer, and was a great way to put my best photo's together in a really nice hard covered book.