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I hae been boasting about my setup to one of my cousins who lives in Dubai (220V). He has sent me a lot of queries on how all of this can be achieved. Products like Elk, Insteon etc in countries that are 220V. I am sure that our friends in UK also use 220V. Also, any idea on the cost structure would be greatly helpful from users in those countries.

As far a power for the M1, he will need a step down transformer from 220V to 16 VAC. 50 or 60 hertz. He should be able to find them locally in the power plugs available to him.

Ness Security in Australia is distributing that area of the world.

Ness Security
Notice that for what is related to the power line (not only the power supply, but specially lightning systems like X-10, Insteon or Z-Wave) you have to take into account not only voltage, but also power frequency. Probably he hase 50Hz, while in US we use 60Hz. This is important.