24 port switch in enclosure


I'm ready to hook up my structure wiring enclosure for my home under construction. It is a Greyfox Titan enclosure and there are about a 100 wires terminating in it, so it’s quite crowded. I would like to use the cute matching Greyfox 5 port switch or even their 8 port router but I need at least a 16 port switch, which I'll attached in the lower part of the Titan used Greyfox's third party Velcro straps.

Any suggestions for a compact switch. The best I've seen is this Linksys one:


BTW: this is a great site, I've found some fine info here as I've planned my home especially pushing me to purchase my ELK M1 gold.
You can always cascade 2, 3 or more switches rather easily. Usually either port 1 or the last port (5, 8, 16 etc depending on the size) is an auto sensing "uplink" port. Just use a short piece of wire, straight through connectors, and use the same port.

Not at all uncommon and often a stack of 5 or 8 port switches fit better in cabinents than a full 16 port version.

Good Luck!
I believe I am using that same netgear switch in my channelvision enclosure as well (forgot the # of ports, but looks identical).
The Linksys switch has a fan.

Many of the Netgear switches do not. I use them for that reason: no fans.

They still expect a little airflow, I'm sure, but it hasn't proven to be a problem. I use one of their 24-port gig switches tucked up under a desk and it has not had issues.
We use a Linksys SRW2024 for our network at the office, its very reliable but yes it has a fan and it's a bit noisy. The fan will help keep it cool especially in an enclosure. We sold a couple to our customers and had only good feedbacks. If you dont mind the noise, I'd definetely go with the Linksys over the Netgear as far as reliability goes.
I have deployed tons of NetGear equipment and have yet to see 1 device go bad.

As for the fans, I prefer them without a fan as well. A fanless device is meant to be used without a fan, a device with a fan can become troublesome when the fan fails.

Here's my NetGear in action:

click to enlarge

It's only a 16 port, but it gives you a good reference as to how much space a switch can take up.