250G 7200RPM 2MB IDE WD drive (refurb) $49.99


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Not a top performer, but should be good enough for hosting those massive DVD libraries on your HTPC. It also has Fluid Dynamic Bearings, which is a plus in a HTPC environment.

That is a real good price. $55 delivered.

How have people found WD drives to be recently? I favored Maxtor a little while back (a few years) after I developed a small pile of WD drives that had issues after not too long (1-3 years). This was a long time ago though.
I do favor Maxtor drives as well, they are pretty reliable now (compared with how they used to be). WD used to have some issues, but the refurb does come with warranty. I don't think you can say one manufacture is worse than the others, since they all have their issues. IBM is the exception here, with their IBM Deathstar product, but they sold their storage business to Hitachi.

For this price, you can't go wrong if you use it in a HTPC scenario. The only problem is that it is IDE, so you can only hook up to 4 drives, unless you add another IDE controller.
I snagged one last night before they sold out, Thanks to HomeSeer ;) I have samantha pop up the Woot! page and announce "Here is the Woot deal for the day", as long as the "sleep condition" is set to awake.

To do this, simply create a new event, and in the event properties, under the application properties tab, put the line "http://www.woot.com" , and under the "Scripts/speech" tab, put what ever you want it to say. Make the event fire at a absolute time, and optionally check to see if you are awake or not. If I am not awake, the page will still pop-up, with no announcement, and will be there for viewing in the morning, and hopefully not be sold out of it is something I "can't live without" :)
Wow, I must be living in a shell. That's the first I've heard of Woot. Looks like a fun place. It it reputable/reliable, etc?
It has the same problem as eBay......It empties your wallet.

"Honey, look at this great buy I got at Woot! I got a left handed confusalator for 60% off!"
As far as reliability with Woot, I have never had a problem with them, at all. I have probably ordered from them 20-30 times. (BTW I got one of those left handed confusalator's ;) ).

I did have an MP3 player that did not work, and they answered my email and provided an RMA number and exchaned it out no problem.

I just LOVE the fact that it is flat $5.00 US no matter what you get from them. And if you get 3 of an item, it is still the flat $5.00. They ship via FedEx, and provide a tracking number via email when the item is shipped.