2nd RCS wrong readings on M1G

The Pod

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I installed a M1XSP and connected my two RCS TR-16 to it. After enrolling the new module (M1XSP) I can see both thermostats at the keypad. Thermostat01 is reading the correct temp. But Thermostat02 is showing 163 degrees. I've checked all the jumpers and everything is the same configuration between the two TR-16 units. Both thermostats have been working fine, no problems at the thermostats. Any ideas to what I'm missing? Why is Thermostat02 reading all wrong? :(

OK, after checking conversions, it appears that the M1G thinks the temps coming from Thermostat02 are in celsius and then converting them to fahrenheit. :) I checked the TR-16 to make sure that is set correct which it is. Now I'm confused. Is there something in the Elk programming that I need to defice each thermostat as to C or F?

The Pod