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Mountain View CA and Louisville, KY : April 16, 2006 [/b] – Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd., a leading vendor of software-based automation systems, and 2PartsFusion, the manufacturer of leading-edge digital media servers, announced today that 2PartsFusion will become a Charmed Quark Integration Partner, and will offer two new models of their hardware platform with Charmed Quark’s automation system pre-installed, for the custom installation market.

Charmed Quark’s CQC automation system brings commercial quality automation to the PC platform, providing a cost effective and highly flexible means of controlling various household systems, such as lighting, the home theater, heating and air conditioning, security, drapes, sprinklers, and so forth, and allowing you to access them from any wired or wireless client device in the home network.

“CQC is a very powerful system, but its performance and stability is only as good as the hardware it is running on†said Dean Roddey, Charmed Quark Systems Chairman and CTO. “2PartFusion’s proven hardware platform provides the basis for a full featured and high performance automation and media management solution, enabling the custom installer to deliver a powerful solution for a reasonable price.â€

2PartsFusion Media Servers, based on AMD 64 technology, allows watching, listening, and organizing of recorded TV, music, photos, movies, and more. The experience is optimized with high density and pristine clarity. All enjoyed from the comfort of your living room with one remote.

“We’re always looking for ways to leverage our standards-based media servers and offer the best solutions possible to custom installers and digital integrators,†said Harris Coltrain, 2PartsFusion’s VP of Sales and Operations. “Partnering with Charmed Quark Systems expands the reach of our media systems into the home automation arena, bringing two very desirable services into the home in a single, reasonably priced package.â€

About Charmed Quark, LTD.
Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd. is a leading vendor of software based automation systems for the professional home automation market. Its popular CQC product is a fully network enabled, multi-user, highly robust automation controller, which can bring all of your home’s systems together into a single system that is more efficient, more effective, and easier to use. CQC provides flexible automation solutions that are fully integrated into the modern home network infrastructure, leveraging the power of that network and of modern general purpose computing hardware to maximum advantage. Visit us online at www.charmedquark.com, or contact us at [email protected].

About 2PartsFusion
We provide consumers with an eclectic set of alternative choices to traditional home theater and entertainment. As a leader in the digital living room, 2PartsFusion Digital Media Servers are designed with best-of-breed hardware and software to provide our clientele with an immediate new and innovative digital experience. 2PartsFusion is a pioneer in the digital living room, and continues to drive the market by leveraging technology with innovative, next-generation products. Moreover, 2partsfusion actively explores new technology advances into this area and works closely with numerous vendors to ensure that its Digital Media Servers are always on the cutting edge. For information on 2PartsFusion and our products, visit online at www.2partsfusion.com or call us at 502-515-8744.
Thanks :) This will provide another source for pre-fab CQC hardware solutions besides our boxes, which some folks find a little pricey. So they'll have another channel to consider now as well. Since we are primarily interested in moving software, we are happy to have other hardware platform outlets for the product. Our own branded boxes will still be available as well of course.
Congratulations Dean! I did just a little reading on the company and it seems like a good one. I hope there are many more successes for you and CQC....