2xkmc8800 didn't work for me


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6 months ago, i bought a kmc8800 card with 8 cameras and it works fine.
For now, i just bought another kmc8800 to use 16 cameras.

I uninstalled old version of diginet site and installed the new one (v.4.13)
When the program starts, the program show "loading display driver........"
then nothing.

In my device manager: there are 16 Netdvr416 Video and 16 Netdvr Audio
For video, everything is fone but for Audio, it said that there is no driver installed. however i tried to re-install audio driver,
it said that can not complete install driver because there is no better driver for this device.

So i started looking solution from internet. Some say that this card didn't work for SIS chip. Some says it doesn't work for winXP but work for win2000.

what should i do? please help me!!! Thx a lot.
My system :
WinXP with sis chipset, Nvidia VGA, 256mb Ram.
I think this specification is ok because when the first card installed, it works fine.