3-phase UPB coupler now available from PCS


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Northridge, CA (October 30, 2008) – PCS (Powerline Control Systems, Inc.) the inventor of the ultra-reliable UPB Technology, is proud to announce the company's PulseWorx Three-Phase Repeater (Model TPR-120) is now available and ready for immediate shipment. The TPR-120 Three-Phase Repeater is a small electronic device that enables communication between PulseWorx™ & other devices using the Universal Powerline Bus (UPB™) method of communication on a three-phase 120/208VAC delta-wye 60Hz powerline.

The Three-Phase Repeater is designed to bridge the communication gap between phases within Multi-Dwelling Units, Apartments, Condominiums and Light Commercial office and restaurant facilities. Since UPB™ communication was designed to work on a single phase powerline; the signals will not directly jump across all three phases of a 120/208V electrical system. The TPR transfers any UPB™ multi-packet generated signal on a single phase and positions and repeats them properly onto all three phases of the powerline.

The TPR is simple to install and configure, just connect it to a standard 3 phase circuit breaker. Additionally, the TPR may be easily added to any UPB Network using UPStart Programming Software. This enables the TPR’s receive sensitivity to be adjusted along with performing communication and signal strength tests between other devices. This allows the installer to certify system reliability and not depend on a ‘Press and Pray’ technology.

“We recognized the need for an affordable lighting solution in three phase environments like restaurants and apartment complexes that offers all the benefits of UPB.,” said Scott Klodowski, Director of Sales and Marketing,”PulseWorx products are perfect for both new and remodel installations, since they are scalable, easy to install and affordable, now the TPR is the solution to make them even more profitable in a commercial marketplace.”

The PulseWorx product line is sold through a network of distributors, certified integrators and authorized dealers. For more information, visit www.PulseWorx.com or call 888.701.9831.

About PCS (Powerline Control Systems, Inc.) Powerline Control Systems has been developing and manufacturing top-of-the-line lighting and electrical control devices for the residential and commercial markets since 1992. PCS provides a complete range of products under the PulseWorxTM brand, such as touchscreens, keypads, home controllers, dimmers, switches and custom-designed electrical control devices; powered by the UPB (Universal Powerline Bus) patented technology, the innovation of the PCS design team. UPB is answering the call for a lower cost, high reliability lighting control system to provide an alternative to expensive proprietary and hardwired systems.

PulseWorxTM devices work with existing powerlines in the home, making them perfect for existing home retrofit and remodel situations, as well as new construction. PCS has licensed its technology to other companies and received numerous awards from both industry organizations and the media, including Product of the Year and CEPro magazine’s Top 50 Editor’s Pick. For more information visit www.pcslighting.com or call 888.701.9831