300GB for $96 shipped AR (SATA or ATA-133)

I've had so many problems with rebates except for a few companies like Costco, that I don't even bother. Some companies seem to turn this into a gauntlet, and it takes multiple letters, phone calls, etc in some cases to get the rebate resolved.

Not sure about Maxtor, but I've been soured on the whole situation after scanning the reciepts, upc codes, etc and then having to resend information, followup on emails, call them, etc.

I hope this might not be the case with Maxtor or your rebates, but I just pass on these lately (for the most part)...
Whats SATA? I know my Asus p4p8800-e Delux motherboard support SATA but I dont have a clue what it is.
I agree with Mike - I've not received ANY rebates for several years - despite complying with the rebate requirments (exp dates, UPC, sales receipts, etc). I even had Sears deny a rebate request a couple of months ago because I had "bought it from a non-participating store"! whatever the He!! that means. So I don't shop by rebates - just the lowest price. MY $0.02
The only two places I trust getting rebates has been Fry's and Best Buy. I did take a chance with CompUSA on an Antec Sonata case recently, just because it was to good a deal to pass up and that worked out ok, but as a general rule I just do rebates at these two stores.
i've had quite the opposite experience. every rebate i've done i've gotten back. i did have a problem once about a year ago, but since i made copies of everything i was able to get it resolved. i've probably done about 20 rebates in the past year for stuff purchased from fry's, best buy, office max, office depot, staples, amazon, newegg,...

staples is by FAR the best. they have these easy rebates where you just "submit" everything online. you don't have to mail anything in.
ditto. I keep a spreadsheet to keep track of everything and it works well. sometimes you have to nag people, but rarely is there any real issues.