3400 Resolution


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I've seen the 3400 being used a bit, and before I get one (although I am looking at the 3500 instead) I wanted to make sure I understood the model being used. There are two resolution versions for the 3400, 800x600 which is common, and 1024x768 in the X version which I have not seen on ebay.

Is everyone using the common version at 800x600?

I'm considering getting one and doing a trial with CQC.
User IVB has it setup with CQC.

I don't know of any using the X. If anyone is using then I have not seen it mentioned.

I wanted to get one of these but I am waiting for the Ultra PC as my wife wants a PC that can also do HA stuff.

I really don't want to invest 200-250 in a machine that might last me a year. I will prbably go for a 8" lilliput touch screen for that amount and connect it to the PC that I have in the A/V rack to use it as a remote. THis is in case ultra PC is very expensive and not good a good buy.

Also, the stylistics are not very good at streaming video. So if you want to add the ability to be able to see one of your cameras...then it won't work well at all.

Hmm. Had not given camera's much thought yet beyond wanting to add some in the future.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll look at some of the units you referenced.
I know ellisr63 over at cqc bought 3 at once, accidentally got one of the 1024x768 versions with 2 800x600. I think he was going to try and sell it so everything would be identical.

I don't think he's a member of this forum, but you could ask him over there if you want details on it.
Although the higher resolution is nice, I wanted to make sure what people were generally using was the 800x600 version. Your setup was what I was considering emulating (trying out CQC).

I'm going to digest this while I finish the fire detection and some wired sensors. Have 2 more smokes, 2 more co2 and 5 or 6 heat detectors to install.

Sorry...don't mean to change the subject but what is a heat sensor and what is it used for?

A heat detector does not look for smoke, like a normal detector, but checks for heat. Typically a fixed value, either 135 degrees or 194 degrees. In addition it may have a rate of rise detector (i.e. temp goes up more than 15 degrees in a minute).

They are used for areas that may trigger false alarms, and are early notification devices rather than life safety devices (there is a different word from early notification, as it relies more on property protection).

I am installing three in my attic and two in my garage.

Check these out:

For the garage:

For the attic:

Martin has some as well:

They are cheap, but if the heat detector goes off, you replace it. Only the rate of rise portion is 'resettable'. Those are made by System Sensor which I bought since my other detectors are System Sensor. I probably don't need 3 for the attic, but they are cheap so why not. Much better than $50 per detector for regular smokes.
I felt that the 1024x768 was too high of a rez for a 10" screen. As we get older the larger text is easier to read ;)