3G Generation


I don't know if this topic has been covered before (if so forgive me), but even if it hasn't I'm sure that a lot of you know about this already.

3G as in the new tech for mobile phones which should give us 2-3Gbps of connectivity. Pretty cool IMO. If you haven't heard of it check out this link:


Seems this is going to open the door for a lot of new products and services.


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Is this an old web site?

They say that this is going to be a world-wide standard by the year 2002.

I can't wait :lol:


Over here in the United Kingdom we have had the pleasure of the 3G network for the past 2 yrs i must say it has to be the worst service ever only 1 company here supports it and there network coverage isnt very good there call centres are based in ASIA nothing hardley works on the thing video to video calls are choppy and the sound breaks up if u can even connect to another phone that is
even normal voice calls are a joke most of the time the Network is down so u are unable to make any calls and the price for the faster wap is a rip off.....

Most phone companys over here are now jumping on the 3G bandwagon i hope there services are upto scratch but from what i have seen so far its nothing to be desired.........


Verizon has a 2.5Generation network in the US. It's called EVDO(Evolution-DataOnly). You can get unlimited access on your laptop for $59.99 if you have a voice plan with Verizon. It is faster than any other wireless internet available today(minus wifi). Cingular offers a GSM version of highspeed internet, but it's much much slower than EVDO.