4 channel DVR PCI card


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I've decided go with wired security cameras and after browsing the forums the camera is just about a done deal - Vitek VTC-LED667 HRCB which I believe is the model IVB is using. I will have 3 cameras eventually - 1 out front and 2 out back. Now I need a 4 channel (I do not think 3 channel cards are made) DVR PCI card that will give me the ability to display the 3 images simultaneously. Q-See and Swann have 4 channel cards and there are a bunch available on EBay. I have no idea what SW comes with a card. I own HomeSeer, Main Lobby and CQC but have not decided on my SW platform. I also have just completed the installation of the ELK M1G / CADDX system. What cards/SW are recommended? This is a big decision!
Focus on the cards/sw that runs on them as that's the critical piece. For your ML/CQC decision, just render them inside a web browser, so it's irrelevant and you can do both if you want. IMO, integration with them shouldn't affect your decision in any way.
I'm back to thinking about a DVR card since the IP cameras are just too expensive. I am updating my PC to the AMD 64/X2 4400+ Dual Core with 2GB RAM to start (can go to 4GB if necessary) so I think I'll have enought horsepower. Any comments on Q-See or Swann DVR cards?