4 channel relay


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Hi there,

I'm a new user and am trying to set up an automated greenhouse.

I have managed to set up my temp/humidity/solar 1 wire set up by using LogTemp, perfect for my needs so far.

Now it's time to incorparate control over night time heating and exhaust fan using the 4 channel relay.

what software is recomended to talk to the relay, setting on/off commands initiated via LogTemps "alarm" feature?

How do I wire a 240v appliance into the relay?

X-10 can talk to switches and other devices through the power line.

I use it to turn on and off camera's, dehumidifiers, lights, etc.

Not sure how you would do it with one wire.

If the appliance you want to control draws less than 3 amps you can wire it directly to the relay output, if it draws more than that you would need an intermediate relay that can handle the higher current draw.

I don't know of any software that can interface with LogTemp. You may want to ask the author if he can add support for the DS2405 that is used on the relay.

Hmm, I see, what I was after either 1 program to control this or 2 solutions to talk to each other to implement on/off via temperature but I have noticed only one program can access the usb interface at any time.

Is there any freeware solutions for this or do I have to take a crash course in java programming?

Are there any LOW cost solutions in software?
If you don't mind using Linux then OneWireFileSystsm (OWFS) may be a good option. I think there may even be a way to run it on Windows.

You can find a link to it on our links page.