4 port Serial card


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I purchased a new PC and it does not have any serial ports so I need to add a PCI card. I will be needing a 4 port card. Any recommendations, or any cards to avoid. I've shopped around and see that NewEgg has a couple of different ones for about $45. I saw some on Ebay for about $15.

Any thoughts?

We use SIIG cards and they have been quite reliable. Lava makes good ones for a reasonable price as well, as does Moxa. Given that the hardware is commodity stuff, the bigger concern is probably driver quality. Bubba Gump could probably make a serial card these days, but writing quality drivers still seems not to be a trivial affair, so dealing with a well known company seems to be worht it to me, even if somewhat more expensive.
Quatech makes high quality stuff, but they are a bit pricey, or were in the past, relative to SIIG or Lava. I've not looked lately, so compare prices and see.
I have used SIIG for the last 6 years w/o issues. I just switched to a Startech and it has been working fine w/XP Pro

- Mike