4-Way Switches and UPB


I'm slowly converting my house to UPB. I've successfully done a few single-pole switches and am getting ready to tackle the living room overhead lights which is a 4-way circuit. I checked the switches and have two 3-way switches that are wired black-black-red-ground and one 4-way switch that is black-black-red-red-ground. Neutrals are available everywhere.

Based on my research, I think that means I have is a "standard" configuration with the load connected to one 3-way, the panel to the other 3-way, and the 4-way in the middle. All the variations I found involved using white wires marked as black and all mine are solid black. The house was built in 2003. Is that a reasonable conclusion? Is there something I can do to verify it?

All three of the switches are installed in multi-gang boxes that will have US2-40 switches controlling loads that are on other circuits.

My thinking is to use one US2-40 to control the load and to replace the 4-way functionality by using multi-rocker faceplates on other US2-40 switches. I think that means my plan of action is:

1. Wire nut the blacks at the 4-way box and one of the 3-way boxes so the remaining switch box has one black coming from the panel and one going to the load. Replace the switch at that location with a US2-40 wired as a single pole.

2. Reconfigure the other US2-40 switches to control the same link as the new switch.

Am I on the right track? What have I missed? What, if anything, do I need to do with the red wires? An suggestions as to the best way to "blank" the face panel where I will have removed the existing switches?

Thanks, Bill
If the 4 way switch location has a hot and neutral AND the box with the load has a hot, then you may not need to do anything with the red and black travelers. You can just put a US 240 in the box with the load and hook up the rest of the US240s with just the black(Hot) and white(neutral). (cap the brown for these) Then create a link that controls the load and add all of the US240s to the link. If you are going to use US240 everywhere then you do not need to think 3way or 4way at all.

You can pick up decora blanks at Home Depot.

What switches will you be eliminating that you will need blanks?

For a good diagram and description of US240s used as virtual slaves email [email protected] and request the 3way document. Brad or Ken will send it to you. Below is the contact info for Simply Automated. They are easy to talk to and willing to help with your UPB needs.

If you have questions on this or any application with Simply Automated products call 800-630-9234 or email: [email protected]. Someone is available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

If there is a hot and a neutral in those boxes you can put a UPB switch there to control anything, or get the decora blanks from Home Depot
Good luck