4 Wire Smoke With Sounder


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Can somebody recommend a 4 wire smoke detector with sounder? These are required by code (all smokes must sound when one goes off). My electrician says he can only source 110V smokes, but I'd like to tie them into my Caddx system using 24 or 12V.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I personally like the System Sensor 4WTA (I think thats the model number). System Sensor has a lot of detectors to choose from and I have only heard good feedback. I use a similar detector from them without the siren.
We use the System Sensor 4WTAB also. You will also need the "Polarity reversing module" in order to make all detectors sound when in alarm. There was another thread discussing the PRM recently if you have any questions.
Thanks, I'll follow up on those. I have a bunch of 4 wire system sensor's that I don't need anymore. Argh, that good deal is turning out to be not so good ;)

If the detectors are new put them up on here for sale and maybe somebody will buy them. You will probably break even.
One other warning. make sure the EOL relay you get is truly an EOL RELAY. Some "EOL Relays" are solid state, and don't handle the polarity reversal well.

On my first install with internal sounders, I got some EOL relays from a distributor who shall remain nameless. Squirt some canned smoke into a detector, and everything goes off as it's supposed to. And then we get that distinctive smell of burnt electronics. A VERY STRONG SMELL OF BURNT ELECTRONICS. The GC freaked. And when I tried to reset the system, all the smoke zones went into "trouble" status. After peeling the GC off the ceiling and diagnosing the problem, I got on the horn with the distributor. Conversation follows:
"No way! You must have hooked something up incorrectly"
"Yes way! I'm not an idiot! Try it yourself."
Much bitching, moaning, and recriminations.
Distributor rep finally goes out to the stockroom, gets one of the relays, and cuts the plastic off.
"I'll be danged. Let me try hooking it to reversed voltage.....Son of a B****!"

Best bet is to use the same brand EOL relay as your smokes.