4400r setup ???


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Hey guy I have KMC-4400R card and I’m getting black screen please help with setup software is diginet center.
This happened to me as well. Make sure Diginet Site is up and going and Disconnect and close Diginet Center and restart it and reconnect. Not sure how you have it setup, but I just got the 8800 and just finished getting it up and going. It's taken me a few days and few re-installs, but I think I'm good to go now.

I went ahead and listed everything I did in hopes that it may help someone else out there.

1) If you've already tried installing it, uninstall everything (including Apache) and reboot so you are starting fresh.

2) If you don't have a big empty partition on your computer, you need to create one. Diginet will use one full partition to store the video. You can't just point it to a partition and expect it to just add video files along with other files on that partition. It formats it and basically takes the partition over.

I recommend two hard drives (HDD). I have a 20gig I use as my C: partition (where I have Windows installed) and a 320gig I use for my D: partition. This way Windows doesn't take a hit (from HDD thrashing) when recording video.

3) Install Diginet Site first. It will install and have you reboot. After rebooting it will install Apache and then ask you what partition you want to use for storing video. This must be a partition other than what Diginet Site was installed on (obviously because it will format the video partition you select). I think you have to reboot again and then Diginet will setup/format the new partition.

At this point I had a bunch of pop up errors when I started Diginet. After a lot of trial and error, I'm down to one error message (some Port error) which is normal and doesn't cause problems. I had a GeForce 5200 installed at first and I kept getting Direct Ovary errors (or something like that) so I decided to install my Radeon 9800 and that error went away. Luckily I had an ATI card sitting around because evidentally Diginet prefers ATI cards over others.

4) When your computer comes up, Diginet automatically starts. Hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F4 to close the program (without shutting down the computer). Go to Docs and Settings/All Users/Start Menu/Programs/Start Up and take the Diginet shortcut out for now. This just helps having to fight Diginet during setup.

5) Follow this procedure...http://www.cocoontech.com/index.php?showtopic=6294 - posted by Fritzycat1.

This allows you to minimize Diginet which comes in very handy. To minimize, hit CTRL+down arrow to minimize and CTRL+up to maximize. You still won't have a task bar at the bottom, but you can bring up your Start menu by clicking CTRL+ESC.

6) Start Diginet and go into setup. The only things I changed (while just trying to get it initially installed and running) was the password on the Modem tab and the Site Setup tab (I think thats what the tabs were called). The modem tab is the one that lets you select ISDN/ROUTER, etc. Create a 4 digit password on this page. This the password you will use to connect later on using Diginet Center and Diginet WebDVR. On the Site Setup tab, create a site code (7 digits) and type in a Site Name (ie, Home). This is all you need to do to allow remote access (Diginet Center and WebDVR). Also there is a schedule reboot option on one of the tabs. It's set to 3:00am by default..I unchecked this because I don't want it to auto reboot every day.

7) Open up IE or Firefox and type in the IP address of the computer with Diginet Site installed (even if your on the same computer). If Apache was installed properly, you'll get the WebDVR login page. Enter the 7 digit site code and the 4 digit password you created. You should be able to log on ok.

I had two issues with WebDVR. First issue was that I tightened the security in Windows too much prior to installing Diginet. I couldn't get WebDVR to connect for nothing. I kept loosening and loosening my security and it still didn't work. I had to reinstall Windows (yeah, it sucked). The second issue was that I didn't uninstall Apache properly (during my many times of uninstalling and reinstalling Diginet). When I would try to reinstall Diginet it wouldn't install Apache because it thought it was already installed. Luckily the Diginet install put the Apache install files in the Windows/Temp folder and I was able to install from that, then fully uninstall. Then I started at the beginning (reinstalling Diginet Site) and it worked.

8) Next I installed Diginet Center. Basic install. Setup a password when you first it. Click on Connect and then Add to add your site. Plug in your site code, site name, IP address and your 4 digit password. Highlight your new 'connection' and click Connect.

I had serveral errors with this when I had my GeForce card installed. Works fine with my ATI though.

A few things I learned...
Don't count on using Remote Desktop for viewing video.

In Diginet Center, sometimes the program will immediately maximize right after you minimize it. To avoid this...view a camera, then hit the Stop button, and then minimize it. If that doesn't work, double click on a camera so its the only one you see, then hit stop and then minimize. It's flaky. And you'll need to play with the Connect and Disconnect buttons a little because they sometimes have a mind of their own too.

Motion detection really is pretty cool. I was originally planning on recording 24x7 and not fooling around with motion stuff. But when I got to the point during setup when I started looking into recording, I noticed it had been recording by motion detection since I got it installed. It works great and I see no reason at all to record 24x7 now.

Playing back the recorded video is flaky too (but what isn't with Diginet). At first, the play button played back the recorded video in VERY slow motion. Then after the reading the manual a little (one I found online) and finding nothing and changing NOTHING, playback was much faster (but still not real time). It sounds like a computer resource issue, but nothing was different. BTW, I'm running it on a Optiplex 240, 1.8Ghz, 256 memory and that ATI card. I just ordered a gig of mem for it though so maybe that will help.

I still don't have backups to AVI working. I tell it to take one minute of video and make an AVI vid and it does nothing. Not sure what is going on with that.

Overall, it was a pain the tail to setup...but I'm pretty happy with it now.
I had the black screen problem and found the fix to be making sure the display color settings were set to 32M true. I just had black screens when set to 16M.

I saw in this post that you made the following statement regarding the script to minimize Diginet:
You still won't have a task bar at the bottom, but you can bring up your Start menu by clicking CTRL+ESC.

I don't experience this issue, I see the full task bar at the bottom of the screen when diginet is minimized.

The following commands in the script should first momentarily hide the task bar, then show it.

WinHide, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd;Hide the system tray
WinShow, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd;Show the system tray

What operating system are you running? I have diginet installed on Windows XP Pro SP2. Perhaps other operating system versions require a different command to show the tray.

For reference, here is my original post: Link