50ft KVM extension?


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Anybody got a cheap source or method to extend keyboard video & mouse about 50-60 ft? I found 50 ft KVM cables on eBay for about $60.

Supreme quality is not a huge issue, as this will mostly be used when a headless machine doesn't boot enough that I can remote desktop into it.

I've got a Cybex device that extends KB, Mouse, Video and Audio over 1000ft that I put up for sale awhile back and didnt' get any hits on.

It's an older unit that connects using a DB25 cable as opposed to the newer ones that connect over CAT5.

It works great, but I can't remember how long the cable is that I have for it... I think around 40-50ft?

If you're interested I'll check the length of the cable and I'm sure we can come up with an agreeable deal.

Paul, is this a 2 piece unit? I couldn't find an old for sale post for you. Let me know when convenient please, but I think 40' would be too short.
I searched the For Sale Forum here and at HS too so I could give you a link with photo and info. I guess it was nearly a year ago that I posted, so they must be long gone?

It's a 2-piece unit... here's a photo. By looking at the cable in the picture, it may only be 25-30ft? I know I had a longer cable before, but may have left it behind in a previous house (in the wall).

Any straight-thru cable with the proper 15-pin connector will work, but it's probably going to be more of a hassel than it's worth unless I find a long cable for it?



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