6 chan master hub rc-filter backwards?


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Hi, I have had some problems with the 6 channel master hub, very unreliable operation at times, after some debugging, I noticed that the RC-filter that is on the 1-wire line, directly on the DS2480B line driver output, seem to be backwards (compared with the chip datasheet). The RC-filter consists of resistor R5 and capacitor C11, but the capacitor is connected on the wrong side of the resistor R5. After fixing this, the reliability problem almost disappeared. I have a somewhat long network, not very many devices, but about 70m (230ft) of CAT5 cable. Have anyone else noticed this?


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I thought that I had posted my reply but I guess I forgot to hit the send button.

I can't believe in all these years that the Master Hub has been available that I didn't see my error in putting the capacitor on the wrong side. Thanks for noticing, it may come in handy if others report a similar network problem.


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This is interesting, I took out my Master Hub 2 years ago, it worked but was not at all reliable. I had chalked it up to my wiring of temp sensors at the time but i changed out the Master Hub for a Temp08, hooked up my existing temp sensors with no modifications and it's been working well for the last two years.

I wonder if this could have been the problem the whole time?