7/28 8:30am PST Class: "Building Interfaces in CQC"


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Howdy folks. I'd like to do a a dry run of the "Building Interfaces in CQC" portion of the AO class that I'm going to do, and use you as guinea pigs.

hmmm, that doesn't sound quite diplomatic enough, and god knows i'm a diplomatic kind of guy. Let's try again.

Howdy folks. It is with great pleasure and fanfare that I bring you the next class in your CQC education: Interface Editing 101! This exciting class will teach you lots of stuff like, eh, how to build Interfaces and what all those bizarro widgets do! I won't do squat about a CQC overview, and the prerequisite for this class is that you've either attended an "Intro to HA" seminar or used CQC enough to understand the basics of what it is and what it can do.

note to self: work on objective and sales pitch

This class will be on 7/28 from 8:30am PST->10:30am PST. Please reply here if you're interested in attending and can make it.
I'll record the class, but based on how well or badly it goes, I may not publish it.

I foresee a future where we have monthly webinars, alternating between:
- "Intro to HA" / CQCOverview
- "Building Interfaces in CQC"
- "Events 101" (probably with something else as it's only perhaps 30mins of content)
I am interested in attending. Thanks again for taking up your free time to do these seminars. They are very helpful to a lot of people!
Anyone actually coming? I'd like to know how many "firm" committments there are.
Anyone actually coming? I'd like to know how many "firm" committments there are.

I'd absolutely love to, because I want to jump into the interface designer sometime in the next week or two.

However, I may end up alone with my 4 month old son this weekend. If that happens, you can probably count me out.

I'd say there's an 80% chance of me attending.
What if this is pushed to next weekend, would you be able to make it?

I don't believe so, I'll probably be camping for the weekend. But who knows, things change.

Don't do anything special for me though - if the seminar is on and I'm around, I'll attend. If not, I'll just wait for the next one!
ok folks, officially pushing this off to 7/28 given the lack of firm committments. BSR - can you change the date on the title?