8 Channel 240FPS DVR Card - HELP ME!



i currently import a kodicom 8ch/240fps clone card by the 1000's and sell on my site for $125 each, i do not want to use diginet software because of copyright and patent laws, i build dvr rackmount servers but i want to know if anyone out there knows or can design a linux based software or even windows based software that will work with my card.

please visit my site www.dmcctv.com

i wholesale the card for $125

kodicomusa.com, is going to down hard on sellers, they can violate you for you using there software, but they cant do anything if you sell just the card, just cant use there software or name brand.

please contact me toll-free 1-888-566-1481

Thank you,

David Grinnell
There is some great linux surveillance software out there, I forgot the name, but check the Freshmeat.net site, it's listed there. Since that card is compatible with the BT drivers, I can't see why it wouldn't work.

Do you know the difference between the original Kodicom card and the clone?
That's the one, thanks for digging up the link (still catching up with things here).