8 Port gigabit switch for ELK 28" housing?


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I am looking for an 8 port 10/100/1000 switch that will go into an ELK 28" structured wiring housing ideally using the existing mounting hole with the push in mountings.

I can find some 10/100 switches that fit the bill but not a gigabit version. Anyone know of one?


Another mounting option is the leviton SMC mounting brackets, they come in 6" or 12" and fit any standard enclosure. I found these to be a better option than the ELK SWP because the ELK SWP's are predrilled and have a hole in the center which may not always fit things.

The Leviton SMC brackets come with self tapping screws and will adapt to anything.

You should also reconsider 100MB switches. Most consumers don't really have a need for gigabit switching. They aren't "faster". They just provide more bandwidth. So unless you have a task today that is pushing 100MB (let's say 90MB+), then gigabit won't really provide any benefit. At this point consumer gigabit is mostly a higher priced fad.
Thanks for the input guys ...appreciated

I do have a couple of servers that will be shunting quite a bit data so giga is good. I think should be able to mount a Linksys switch which supports 10/100/100 and thay are not expensive.


I will mount it on the ELK SWP plate which happen to have a couple of anyway.

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I recently installed a linksys 8 port gigabit switch in my elk cabinet. This is the new smaller profile linksys equipment. The switch has 2 slotted mounting holes in the base and is ready to be mounted to a flat surface with 2 screws. I simply drilled 2 small holes in my cabinet for the mounting screws. The switch has small rubber feet so with just a little bit of pressure from the screws the switch is very solid. I also have a linksys voip box mounted next to the switch. Its the same style of device just a little smaller. I hung 2 small shelves below my elk cabinet. One is for my UPS and the other has my cable modem and wireless router.
I'm far from an expert, but my understanding that in order to really get an improvement over 100 mbps switches, you need a switch that supports jumbo frames. Looking at the Linksys and Netgear links, only the Netgear advertises jumbo frame support...
My 16 port is one of those slim metal Netgears. They really are nice and very small.
I am not sure about the jumbo frames topic. I can attest to the performance improvement with the linksys 1 gig switch over my prior linksys 100mb switch. I move alot of large files/folders around my network and have noticed a dramatic improvement. I did a quick caclculation on one large file transfer and came up with about 300mb.