A couple UPB questions...


How are UPB bodies programmed? For example, if I were to use the US220(link below) body, with a ZS25B(link below) faceplate, I could use the rocker portion of the faceplate to control a light at the location the switch is installed, and the bottom four buttons to control lights in the rest of the house...Correct? I'm probably going to use Homeseer. What I would like to be able to do is have one of these swtich/faceplate combos by my front door. Use the rocker switch for the main outside light, while using the other buttons to control other outdoor lights, and some indoor lights. Sort of like an "all-lights off" button would be nice too I think. Is this possible with UPB? I was leaning towards ZWave, but after reading more into UPB, it looks very promising.

Are there any pieces of hardware I will need to purchase to gain the ability to program these swiches?

Thank you all for you help!

US220: http://www.automatedoutlet.com/product.php...&cat=142&page=1
ZS25B: http://www.automatedoutlet.com/product.php...&cat=147&page=1
One more thing I'd like to ask. Would it be possible to also add X10 to the system, and use X10 wireless motion sensors to turn on lights? Or possibly some other form of motion sensors. There are a couple areas in my house, but having the light come on automatically would be really convenient.

Again, thanks for you help...

UPB switches are programmed via an application called UPStart. You can find it HERE. You should be able to create links, etc to control what each rocker does. The software also allows you to setup your scenes, control LED colors, etc. You also need an interface something like THIS in order for Homeseer or any other SW to control the devices.

UPB and X10 can live together on the same powerline so you should be able to have an X10 motion trigger a UPB controlled light without any problem.

Edit: It may be obvious, but understand that each UPB switch only controls a single load, so in your example to have a button on 1 switch control another light, that other light must also have a UPB switch to receive the signal and act on it.
If you want to use X10 motion sensors to control UPB lights then you'll need a central controller to act as a bridge between the two protocols. In my house, I use HCA for this purpose. You can learn more about HCA here. You should use a W800RF receiver too in order to minimize powerline traffic.
Homeseer can, HAL can (but doesn't support the W800RF), and even the Elk M1 can act as a bridge.
The software upgrade on the M1dealer.elkproducts.com website for the M1XSP serial port expander supports the W800 on the M1. The instructions for the M1XSP have not been updated yet to show you how to set it up.

Maybe Electron can share the jumper settings to make the M1XSP support the W800. I don't have them at home or I would tell you.