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My web site is still being worked on, but I thought I would put up some youTube links to a couple videos I shot last night. It has been a long time since I have released anything, but there should be a flood of stuff over the next few days.

This first one is my half-bath and shows the automation AND security of the bathroom (bathroom security just sounds wrong =)


this next one shows my VR & occupancy upgrades. Now everyone knows how flaky VR is, and I am using an integrated soundcard, and a $7 Geeks wireless microphone, so despite the couple of misses, I think the system did well overall. This video will be reshot before the site goes up again though, the VR misses through me off, so I did not film or narrate very well.


I will have about 5 new videos when the site is finished on thanksgiving. Let me know what you think. There will be more like the old style too, I know the compressed camcorder is hard to make out details.

Because the site still has problems, I am only telling my friends at CocoonTech =) So save the site bashing for a few days heheh.

Very cool, Vaughn. Have you released a version of vCrib yet? Are you still thinking of open source?

Awesome!, I really like the bathroom idea and may even do something similar because of your inspiration.
carry15+1 said:
Very nice Vaughn. What controller/software are you using?
I use the Insteon USB controller, and all of the software is custom/open source.

And yes Roussell, I am still releasing as Open Source. I am currently setting up my primary alpha tester with object code while I get the licenses, install packages and docs ready. Hopefully this way the release should be a little more trouble free...

If anyone would like more information about my project, go to www.vCrib.com. I have a new site up, got the forums working, and I am updating content every day.

And thanks for the comments everyone!

Vaughn Rupp

I wanted to make a feature request on your forum so I signed up and it said go check my e-mail. I have not got an e-mail from your site yet.

Anyhow, My request is that you add a TCP/IP protocol if one does not already exist. It would be nice if your software could be integrated with other products. For example, VR is not a feature available in CQC. But it could be if you established a good protocol which CQC could listen to. CQC could trigger off of the commands as well. Same could work for other applications such as HomeSeer etc.
Squintz said:
I wanted to make a feature request on your forum so I signed up and it said go check my e-mail. I have not got an e-mail from your site yet.
Ack, I tested that a few times before I mentioned my site last night. It gave me a lot of problems. I don't have time to fix it this morning, but will work on it again tonight. I will manually approve any accounts that get created in the mean time.

TCP/IP, ASCII and other features can be added once I release the software. I am hoping to get additional coding help once the source is out.

vCrib is built around a MySQL core. I have been coding in VB6 for speed and commonality, but the language does not matter. Every module could be in a different language as they all communicate through MySQL.

(BTW Squintz, when I checked your forum account, it showed as activate. So it approved you...)

So once the product is out and I can focus on specific modules, I will be rewritting them, probably in .NET. If someone wants to contribute and write a module in Java, more power too them. There are no APIs, there are none of these complications that most of the commercial packages seem to suffer. Now I have my own weaknesses, but flexablity and ease of integration is not one of them.

Another reason I chose VB6 for my coding is that it is the easiest and most used language in the world (hey, lets not argue over that m=) and this project is all about putting home automation in the hands of everyone. So although other platforms may be more advanced, the common person would not be able to code against them. I want anyone to be able to set this up and modify it if needed.

If Open Source was the only goal, I would have just ran Mister House. But how many people are familiar with Perl? I think almost everyone has had exposure to Basic and should be able to cut and paste their way to creating a new module in hours...

Great work Vaughn..keep it up! I like Squintz idea of TCP/IP communication to integrate with other products..I'm a CQC user and hope one day to have VR without having to use Homeseer :)
Not going to argue with you that VB6 is that easiest. VB.net is a better choice in my opinion and C# is far more superior than either of those. Java is just way too slow for me. If you start coding in .net then I am sure I will contribute in some way or form. Me and many others would like to see VR supported in CQC and your program might be the gateway to that solution. I may not make complex modules are anything but I do like to code in .net for fun and I am sure I would help maintain existing modules.