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A paper battery that runs on urine . . .


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... the jokes for this are endless

Can you imagine the team of college students it would take to jump start your car?



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Certainly could run a Homeseer server as much as people are 'pissed' off about the upgrade policy.. hahahahahaha



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Guy, BooHiss! Woah :rolleyes:

I can see it now, asking your buddy, man, I just took a leak, and forgot my cellphone, could you fill it up if your heading that way? hahahah!


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All kidding aside, during the first world war the Doughboys were issued gas masks that required urine to activate them. Think of it, you're in a muddy trench, up to your ass in mud & gore, when the order comes down the line "GAS ATTACK- PREPAIR GAS MASKS! REMOVE MASK!, URINATE IN MASK!, DON MASKS! OVER THE TOP!, ATTACK!

Ah the good old days!