A Three Alarm Day


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Did you ever have one of those days? Yesterday, we managed not just one, not two, but three false alarms. :blink: The first one was entirely my fault: while getting ready for work, I went to retrieve something from the garage, and I forget to disarm the system (which was still armed night) before I opened the door. :blush: Okay, go around the house and shut off all the lights that the system turns on when it alarms. Off to work.

About 9:30, I get a call on my cell phone. I hear myself announcing the address, and then "Burglar alarm activated". Listening to the status, the system informed that the tripped zone was the outside door to the utility room. Uh-oh. That's a magnetic sensor and it has never falsed before. I leave work and pull around to the house, trying not to make too much noise. I grab a brick and go around to the utility room door, to find... nothing. The door was closed and locked, with no signs of attempted entry.

Well, there's a first time for everything. I go around to the inside, and find that although the dead bolt is not all the way out, and there is a bit of a gap around the edge of the door, it is indeed locked. The last time I had that door open was two days ago, and it waits that long to trip. Looking at my zone status with the laptop, I pull the door closed snugly, latch it, and then push on it. Within the small amount of play, I see that I can make the zone trip. Apparently the magnet isn't as strong as it used to be. I'll have to move the sensor closer. Project for this weekend.

I look in the log and find no other problems. I check everything else, turn off the lights, bypass the door zone, and head back to work. At about 4:30, guess what... another call that begins with me hearing my own voice, and then the dulcet tones of the OPII announcing another burglar alarm. This time, it's the garage motion sensor. Now, this is a zone that I have to define as auxilary during the winter because temperature zones in the garage make it trip so much. But it's never caused problems in the summer before. I check status for any other tripped zones and find everything else secure. The hell with it. Over the phone, I bypass the zone and re-arm the alarm. And sure enough, when I get home, I find nothing out of place. The lights are all on, though. :lol:

Some days, you just have to laugh.