A Z-Wave three-way switch yet?

Dean Roddey

Senior Member
Has anyone done a Z-Wave three-way switch yet? I have a customer who is going to go X-10 (ugh) if he can't get a Z-Wave three-way switch. I would very much like to take him the Z-Wave route if possible, so tell me someone has done one?
nothing so far, I believe ACT announced them for sometime this month, maybe after EH Expo, but that still doesn't mean they will be available right away.
Ok, that's good enough I think to make him take the Z-Wave route, as long as the promise of a 3-way arriving in the not too distant future. Thanks.
I do three way using the Z-wave transmitters. Works great and includes the added benifit of being able to tap the switch twice and three times to control a different set of lights. With the transmitter you are not limited to what lights are three way. So you could take an existing single pole switch and make it act like a three way using the transmitter. I say dont wait for the actual three ways because they will probably cost more than the transmitters and offer less features.