A Zwave review from the UK

How come his devices did not come with instructions? Mine came with a detailed set of instructions which were easy to follow.

That was a pretty good review of their devices. If i only had a neat story to tell behind my z-wave devices then i would ba able to write a good article for the us devices. But my adventures were boring. I ordered one day and 2 days later i triped over them on my way out the door.

Damn that martin... he was trying to kill me :) Nobody ships that fast...What the hell was he thinking
AberdeenKid - No, I didn't write it - didn't even know about that site. He was pretty nice considering he still hasn't even gotten his whole order yet. Those UK module are scarce but should be fully available soon.

Squintz - whine whine whine. Hey, when I order toys, I don't like to wait so I figure most people are like that too!
Just busting your chops...I think he was nice towards you because you have really good communication with your customers and not avoid their inquiries like most places.