AC-3232 Super Sensitive Color Camera


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I want to know if someone have try this color board camera.


This is a very sensitive one .01 Lux ! Is this possible ?

I want a color camera that is very sensitive, any suggestion ?

Thanks for your collaboration.

Hmmm, really weird. There is a domain register entry for
CompuData, Inc.
14730 Firestone Bl. Suite #315
La Mirada, CA 90638


Administrative Contact:
CompuData, Inc. [email protected]
14730 Firestone Bl. Suite #315
La Mirada, CA 90638
714-523-8611 fax: 714-523-8610

Technical Contact:
Network Solutions, LLC. [email protected]
13200 Woodland Park Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-3025
1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620

Record expires on 10-May-2009.
Record created on 09-May-1997.
Database last updated on 14-Jan-2006 11:37:06 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:


But I can't even get that domain to pull up.
The AC-3232 specifications are the following.

0.005 LUX Super Sensitive Color Board Camera (32x32x27mm) w/
Special IR Filter; Super Multi-Layer Board Lens
Resolution of 420 TVL; 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD

Image Sensor
1/3" SONY Super HAD Color CCD
- Standard Lens:
3.7mm Flat Pinhole Lens (FOV - 90¨¬)
- Optional Lens:
4.3mm Board Lens (FOV - 78¨¬)
3.6mm Board Lens (FOV - 92¨¬)
*3.7mm Conical Pinhole (FOV - 90¨¬)
*5.0mm Flat Pinhole (FOV - 70¨¬)
Please CALL us if you would like an optional lens instead of the standard lens! Otherwise we will ship with the standard lens.

Min. Illumination
- Standard Lens:
3.7mm Flat Pinhole Lens (0.005 LUX)
- Optional Lens:
4.3mm Board Lens (0.005 LUX)
3.6mm Board Lens (0.005 LUX)
*3.7mm Conical Pinhole (0.005 LUX)
*5.0mm Flat Pinhole (0.05 LUX)
Please CALL us if you would like an optional lens instead of the standard lens! Otherwise we will ship with the standard lens.

Video Out

S/N Ratio
Over 48dB

Scanning System
2:1 Interlaced

Gamma Characteristic

Camera Weight
(1.4oz) 40gr

Dimension w/ Board Lens

Electronic Shutter
1/60~1/100,000 Sec
(PAL: 1/50~1/100,000 Sec)

Dimension w/ Pinhole Lens

Signal System
NTSC (* PAL - Optional)

Sync System
Internal Sync

Power Consumption

White Balance

Operating Temp
-5¨¬ ~ 40¨¬C (23¨¬ ~ 86¨¬F)

Storage Temp
-10¨¬ ~ 50¨¬C (14¨¬ ~ 122¨¬F)

Standard Camera Set Includes
DC/RCA Jack w/ 2ft Cable Assembly; 12V-300mA AC/DC Power Supply; Spec Sheets

* Items with an asterisk must be special ordered and will take an additional 3-5 business days to ship.
You MUST call if you want any optional equipment (ex. PAL systems, optional lenses)
Hmm, that seems like an awfull lot of money, and it doesn't even seem to have a weatherproof case.

How about something like THIS instead for $89?
Hi BraveSirRobbin

Hum, very interesting.

1/3" Sony Ex View
0.01 Low Lux
480 Line Resolution
All Weather

At $89.00 !

Hum, far better than the AC-3232 ;)

And the price is very good, $20 lower than the next best price in the net and $30 than the AC-3232 !

I have two "beginner" questions regarding the EX-200C's optic. (The user manual is not available online)

Can the focus be adjusted manually, it is possible to change the lens in these bullet cam ?

Thanks for your fast reply and excuse my English ;)

I'm not a camera expert but I believe one of the reasons these bullet style cameras are so cheap is that there is no focus or capability to change lenses.

I think you guys should get this, then let me know how it works (so I can see if I want to order one) ;) .
According to this eBay seller, it has a 3.6mm lens and it is easy to change to 2.97,6,8,12 or 16mm. He also sells lenses for $20, which I couldn't find of Direct Sales site.

I wonder how the EX-200C compares to the EX-230C, since the 230C has higher lux (.05 vs .01), lower lines (380 vs 480) and higher price. It does have the ExView SUPERHAD, while the 200C appears to just have ExView. The 230C is not listed on the Intellicam site and the 200C was not on the Direct Sales site a few months ago, so maybe the 230C is on its way out and being replaced with the 200C?
BraveSirRobbin said:
FYI, that camera that I linked to above is discontinued and no longer available.
The EX-200C is discontinued from Direct Sales? I ordered one yesterday morning, so they have had two business days to process my order. They haven't cancelled it yet, but they haven't hit my credit card either.

I talked to someone there via phone today around noon pacific time. I gave him part number "EX-200C" and said it was on the site for $89.

He looked that up and then stated that it was discontinued and no longer available. Let me know if you get yours, in the mean time, you may want to give them a call.
I kept forgetting to call them about it, but I got a shipping notice today (10 days after ordering).