Acronis True Image 8.0 : 40% off!


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This is really a hot deal! Many people were asking recently what backup software to get, this is the time to ge it!

coupon: Holiday
WOW! I had just asked the wife to get this for me for Christmas tonight. What's the Extended Download Service add on?
I am not sure, my wife got it for me for xmas too, I have a feeling this is what lets you keep it online longer than 30 days or something, she didn't remove it from the order as we weren't sure.

I think that gives you 2 years to download your order?!?!?

Otherwise I think you have to download within 30 days.

I didn't pay the extra 5.99! I wanted to download it NOW!

(All of the above may be wrong, just the way I interpreted their explanation)
After looking they have a link that explains it and John I think you nailed it. Can this be run on more than one PC?
Maybe e can answer that. I burned two copies to cd's. Haven't installed yet.

Did notice on the screen while I was downloading a 25 digit software key was listed, so I copied it down also.

Their confirmation email didn't mention the key, just the order #

The key may be necessary when I install it, not sure yet.
1. I've been using this program for over 6 months and it's great!

2. I don't think the extended download service is worth it. This is how it works: The "retail" version of the software is only downloadable from Acronis' online distributor, which is who is selling you the extended download service, updates, however, are available indefinitely from Acronis. So, if you download the retail version after purchasing it, you can burn it to a CD and put it in a safe place. Then, as long as you have that installed on a machine, you can update it via the update downloads from Acronis. Other online software retailers use a similar scheme to tr to get your $$ (I think Symantec does it too). Much better to use a $0.50 CD than to spend more money to be able to download it in 6 months.

3. It's one license per machine, and as JohnBullard said, you do need that key included on the download screen. I think you'll find it also in the email, but it's written in extra tiny font.
thanks John for the info from a current user.

I went back and looked at the email confirmation, and yep, the key is there, ...and I can almost read it if I tilt my head just right so the correct lens of my trifocals will focus in :lol: