[Acronym] WAF


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Also Wife/Spouse Acceptance Factor (means the same thing). And yes more women are getting into HA though I haven't noticed any on Cocoontech. Not that it matters.


Here WAF and automation relates to keeping the house functional. 
In its purist sense it's acceptance of my automation experiments in the home sandbox whatever they may be by my wife.
Software glitches where the home talks at 3AM are typically low WAF stuff.


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Have spent many years trying to make sure automation projects work "on the bench" before putting them into actual production, solely in pursuit of WAF. Moderate success, largely due to a focus on things like security in terms of what I highlight.

On a side note, we hosted Thanksgiving this year and had many people over, including a friend of a friend who is 1) an IT manager with an interest automation, 2) a newbie bourbon drinker interested in learning more and 3) an attractive, single female. Much time spent discussing all sorts of interesting topics that would sound just like a CocoonTech thread. Best Thanksgiving in years!!! Of course, I don't think she's allowed to come over any more... Sigh...


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WAF = My wife asking for more automation of a sepcific type. That's always a plus, besides she thinks of things I hadn't or better ways to attack the problem or better presentation. :-D


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LarrylLix said:
SWMBO     =     "she who must be obeyed"
Let's see you make that gender neutral.
Umm, "Spouse who must be obeyed"?
(Of course this may be straying into BDSM territory!  ;)