Active Sync ports


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I am trying to sync my wireless PDA with my system at home, through my laptop, which in turn is connected to my server at home, which will forward the requests to my workstation which is running Active Sync, all using SSH. I know it sounds crazy, but it should work in theory. Now here is the problem, When I hit "Sync", my system at home sees me connect, and the little active sync logo starts rotating around, and both my PDA and workstation will show "Connecting ...'.

So I am guessing I didn't forward all ports, or missed something else less obvious, but at least the devices are talking. I forwarded port 990,999,5678,5679, all TCP, is there anything else I should be doing? I searched many sites and search engines, it looks like I am the only one doing this.


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Holy Crap E! I had to read that 2 times. In theory it should work. Good luck. Unable to offer assistance though.