Activehome Pro + all plugins $49.99


Just got the email because I spend so much friggin money at
Until the end of the year which is only like 3 days. You can get Active Home Pro and the 3 plugins that are $49 each for just $49.99. Upsetting because I Just purchased one of the plugins for this price

Anywho check it out. It's no Homeseer but worth the $49. It's a software download so no shipping.
If you just purchased it, then I would try to ask for your money back, or see if they are willing to make a nice offer.
I've had success with X10 - when I've ordered something and a week or so later they have a better deal. They offer 30 day returns, so you just have to say that you'll return it and re-order. They have always just shipped you out the extra parts. Go for it!