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Hi everyone, I've had a very exciting week.

My wife, who you may or may not know, was due to deliver our first child at the end of October, started having complications over the weekend. We went to the hospital Tuesday morning and were admitted. They induced her and she delivered Wednesday morning at 0135.

John Cain Fuda (we call him "J.C.") weighed only 3 pounds, 13 ounces at birth, but is doing incredibly well. So far he has all the functions of a full-term baby, even though he was born almost 7 weeks early. He's probably going to spend a little over a month in the neonatal Intensive Care Unit before he gets to come home.

I've spent most of the week at the hospital, with a few short stops at home to get mail (both 'e' and 'snail') and feed the cat and fish. My mother-in-law gets in tonight, so that will be a great help. My wife should be coming home tomorrow, as she had to stay a little longer than usual at the hospital due to the complications. I'll be glad that she's home, but I'm sure we'll be spending most of our waking hours with JC at the hospital.

Anyway, I'm happy (and proud :unsure: ) the little guy is doing so well and figured I'd give y'all a heads-up while I was on the computer emailing photos to all the kin folk.

Keep JC in your thoughts and prayers.
John, thats great! Congrats. I have been having lots of fun with mine (now almost 4 months). Best of luck to all.
you didn't even give us a chance to vote in a poll for names!

Congrats! It's a wonderful time...cherish it.
As I'm choking on your e-cigar, I can only say good luck with the next month or so. Looks like he's on his merry way though. Congrats!
Congrats! As for jrfuda 2.0, make sure his first words are HA related :unsure: It's time for some pictures!
oh, and by the by, what's his screen name gonna be?

Gotta hook 'em young ya' know. Get 'em while they're impressionable.