adding ir receivers to nuvo concerto


so I've got all 6 keypads of the concerto mounted in areas that the g/f likes, which in the master bedroom is slightly out of sight of a remote, however she wants to be able to contol it via remote from bed, so I figured I'd mount a ir receiver to the ceiling, which I've done, but now I'm stuck, I want that ir sensor to control just the master bedroom zone for the concerto..

so how can this be done? I believe the concerto system operates at 24v so I can't power the ir reciever from it.. (its a speakercraft) , but can I wire a rj45 into the back of the secondary port in back of the master bedroom keypad with just the ir data and ground connections ? i can power it from normal 12v from the speakercraft connector .. though I think I read that the concerto strips out some data from the ir, or uses some odd frequency, but I'm lost as to how that might be a problem as I'm using the concerto remote to control the concerto, ill try calling kilowatt tomorrow, but I'd appreciate any insight in case someone else has already attempted it, thanks!


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I remember a similar situation another integrator had and I believe the final solution was that he used an RF remote and receiver at the Grand Concerto and then spliced the cable (similar to the way a mid-span injector for POE would work) to put the IR data onto the cable for the zone he wanted to control. The pin-out for the control pads is on page 7 of the GC manual. You should be able to do the same at the control pad location. You won't have IR at the keypad anymore but maybe that won't matter.

I am not sure if you can use the NV-IG8LSA port on the back of the control pad?

Please post what Professor Kilowatt says, I may need to do this and am curious to hear his ideas.

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