Additional Elk Siren/Bell Power


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For upcoming construction I will have 6 moose interior piezo's (175 ma, 6-13.8 Vdc each) equalling 1.05 amps AND two exterior Elk-150RT's (1.2amp or 700 mA & 6-14 Vdc each) with strobes.

This is more than Output #2 can handle. How can I add more power for these devices? I will be using output #1 for voice and other HA annoucements, so my solution need to stay on ouput #2 (at least that is how I presently see it).

Any idea of what other Elk products I might need to make all these sirens/bells work?

Thanks in advance.
You could put a relay on output 2, but that would have the drawback of losing supervision of the siren. But I don't think there is any way to have supervision of all your devices other than using a tamper circuit. You could also use another output and have some rules "When out2 on, then out7 on" and out7 would drive a relay.
I would at least put the strobes on a separate relay. Get something like an Elk Sensitive Relay (coil only draws 30 ma).

Then you can do some other options such as have the strobes keep flashing even after the sirens time-out until the system is disarmed. This way a person coming home will see the strobes and know there was previous trouble (i.e. wife would call you before entering the home). I think I read about this on Elk's website (applications with the M1).