Additional thoughts on Insteon


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Something else I have noticed in trying out Insteon:

The signallinc and lamplinc have a bright white light on the side of them. This blinks at various rates when setting them to let you know success or failure of establishing a signal linc or the setting of the lamp settings.

When all is said and done, the light stays on. This is rather bright, piercing light that stands out, especially when it comes from behind a dresser (for lamp lincs) or even just in a plug for the signal linc.

I plan on using some electrical tape to cover it, but a good design revision would seem to be able to hold down a button to suppress the light, or even a switch to switch it off.
I thought I read somewhere that you could turn this off already, I will have to research this again.
(My apologies; I'm sorta hijacking this thread)

Is it true that Insteon switches are not two-way? In other words they do not report their new status when changed locally?
Insteon switches do report their status. At least, I can see a lot of messages in the status window of my USB interface when I manually control a light.
Now, if their software interface would just let me see those messages in my app, I would be happy... ;)