ADI Speak Easy


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If any of you ownn the ADI Speak Easy, the new upgrade chips are in (finally after 8 months of waiting)

ADI is upgrading for free. Contact Kevin at ADI Tech Support for details

[email protected]

or check the SpeakEasy thread (page 5) on the ADI board under Addicon Modules
The only thing is that since this chip is soldered in, you will need to physically exchange the module with ADI. I don't know how they want to proceed at this point, if you will need to send in your module so that *yours* will be upgraded, or if they will just exchange it. For those who are not aware, the chip they replace is the sound sampling chip. This is not a bug fix but instead gets you a chip with twice the sampling rate, giving you a much clearer sound in the higher frequencies (theoretically, you gain an octave of frequency at the top end). This is sure nice of ADI, to retroactively improve a module you already bought.
You are correct Guy,

When you email Kevin, he sends you a RMA so you can return your SpeakEasy for the upgrade. Mine goes out tomorrow!

Please keep us posted on the results of your upgrade! I am very interested in seeing if your are satisfied with this unit after it is upgraded.


After waiting eight months for those new chips, I had "better be" happy!!

Seriously, I really thank ADI for doing this at no charge, after some customer complaints about the sound quality