ADT -> Caddx 8e - What do I need to get?


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So a few questions for all alarm gruru's out there.

I currently have an ADT somethingerrather system and am pulling it out in favor of the Caddx NX-8e connected to my HomeSeer system. A few questions:

1) Can I use the existing transformer, battery and RJ Cord/Block?

2) Can I use the existing siren?

3) Can I use my exisiting door and motion detectors?

I'm assuming it will all work but may have to check if the transformer is to the correct spec? Everything else should be a no brainer eh?

I was looking at purchasing one the FastPack kits but may not need everything and could save some $$ by ordering the board, cabinet and panels only.

Thoughts? Wisdom?

The system is probably the ADT SafeWatch Plus RF. Are any of your devices wireless? I know ADT is big on installing wireless devices. How old is it?
The system is about 5 years old. I think it was some sort of safewatch system but doesn't have any wireless devices (my home was pre-wired). I think I'll open the system box tonight and see what I can find out inside (while I own the system, they won't give me a key to the box even after I've cancelled my service).
I think you'll be able to re-use most of that. For the transformer, you'll just have to check the specs on it.

I just recently did a similar thing in my house. I have the new Caddx system installed but still need to add the resistors to make the system operational.

I reused my contacts, motion sensors, and siren. My battery and transformer were old so I replaced them.
So it turns out it is a Safewatch Pro 2000 system (Q: Was this a Ademco OEM board?) with RF capability if used with an external module and I even found the programmers guide and installers code inside (not that it's of real value to me since I still want a serial output). The transformer and battery look like standard specs so I think I'll re-use them for now (q: How long before one should replace the battery?).

So Martin,

Could I ask for your help in picking out some pieces of NX-8e gear?

I think I'll need a NX-8e board, 2 keypads, software. Could you email or PM me some costing info? Thinking about the 1192 keypads as I'd like LCD for sure.

I'd like to try and write a NX-8e "How-To / HomeSeer" guide as I go through this that everyone can build off of (since I'm sure my system is not as nearly complex as some others have).

Thanks everyone.
If the battery is 5 years old, go ahead and replace it. It may have a few years left on it, but why take a chance on it croaking while you are on vacation? Replacements are cheap (<$20).

they won't give me a key to the box even after I've cancelled my service
Yep. Common Borg tactic. They won't give you the installer code either, so you lucked out in finding it inside the can.