Advice on Elk M1 Gold - dual wireless supported?


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Hi y'all. I currently have an Ademco Vista-15 that has been working well for about 17 years now. I've been wanting to upgrade to the Elk, as I have been in the Universal Devices ISY-ecosystem for many years. I currently have five wired zones for windows, three wireless windows, three wireless doors, and two wireless motions.

I would like, initially, to keep the Ademco wireless sensors in place, because they're simple and they just work. At the same time, I'd like to introduce some of the Elk two-way devices into the system, like smokes, glass break, etc. I have seen two camps here -- those that toe the official line that Elk doesn't recommend mixing two types of wireless receivers, and those that say it works fine as long as you have good zone discipline. My basic idea is to take an M1XRF2H Honeywell receiver and put it up at Address 9, giving me about 16 Honeywell zones, and then putting the M1XRFTWM down at address 2, giving me more 2-way zones than I'll ever need. Then if I ever need to extend my wired zones I can shove them up at Zone 11. Am I getting this right?

I think this will also help with setting up a test bench for the new M1 prior to cutting it in. Since the Ademco sensors are one-way I think I could have both systems monitor them at the same time, and then set up some jumpers for the wired zones to test.
I have all three wireless Elk receivers due to the characteristics of different sensor and their expense. Works just fine. Here's how it is set up:


The main board has temperature sensors and wired smoke alarms. Groups 2 through 5 are the wireless sensors. Group 3 isn't there in the picture because it doesn't have any sensors assigned (yet). The higher groups are all hardwired sensors. As long as you don't intermix wireless zones with hardwired zones, it should work fine.