After 6 months hiatus, trying to catch up. What is big and new(or updated)?


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 have been out of the loop of HA news, for the past 6+ months. I was looking for a system that best mimics the high end brands and that would let a lot of customization that can be used by me personally as well as if I want to have cool features (with logic rules) to sell to customers. It would need good logic/rules, as well as the ability to have nice user interfaces
At that time I had settled on CQC, while it wasnt perfect, it  being the most flexible with the most potential. Now that I am trying to get back into it, how have things changed is there a new product out there or has an existing product got much better?
I would argue that, unless you are going to go with a high end proprietary hardware product, that you won't do better than CQC in terms of something you'd want to sell to customers. Most of the stuff happening in the automation world here lately has been more in the area of hobbyist stuff, various hubs and the like trying to vie for the low end, nothing you'd ever want to sell to customers and have to support.
I would argue Lutron RA2 with CQC layered over it, and interfacing to the other bits that RA2 doesn't understand. That's a solid, commercial quality solution that is very flexible.