Ahh Gigabit Finally


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Well I'm all out of space on my current switch so I needed a new one.

Who knew with only 2 Adults and a 4 year old I would need more then 6 ports..

Heres the one I just bought...

NEW BELKIN 16-Port Gigabit Switch F5D5141-16

Anyone need a Leviton panel mount :lol:


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You might as well sell it, they came out with 10Gigabit switches :lol:

Anyways, that's a nice switch, pricing seems to be very reasonable, especially for that many ports.
It looks like they are about $100. That does not sound too bad. However, I still don't know the difference between a switch and a router even though I have been told several of times. If you connected this switch to a 10/100 router would everything connected to the switch be able to talk at 1G or would the speed be decreased somehow by the weaker router? Would you even need a router or would a switch do the trick for all situations?
As long as all computers in the house had gigabit nics, then all interhouse communications would run at 1 gig, the connection from the switch to your broadband router would be technically a 100 mb connection but your only really getting the amount of bandwidth that your isp provides usually not more the 5 mb.

You would still need the router as the switch is a dumb switch with no port translation, configuration, redirection, or firewall
The main reason is transferring files. I backed up a computer on my network and it took nearly an hour, each way.

I got mine off eBay for 145.00 shipped. Best price I could find but on gigabit swithes. I needed to upgrade to a bigger switch anyways. I will start adding gigabit cards in each computer.
Does it have a fan? I hope not, but the lame Belkin site doesn't give any details. Does it run hot? Anything on the back besides a 110VAC power connector?

Who was your eBay seller? some joker wants $55 for US shipping FedEx ground.
It was but I only paid 145.00 total. To me thats what matters is the total.
Maybe you can find them cheaper I don't really know.