Haiku Alarm - Arming Night


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Hey all I think I have a problem and maybe it isn't a Haiku problem but a "normal" HAI Omnipro issue.  I armed my alarm last night from my phone Away.  When the wife got home it was armed Night and nearly scared the crap out of her because the instant the door was opened the alarm went off.  This is the second time in recent days this has happened but the first time ever we've had this issue.  I thought I read a long time ago if you don't open an Entry/Exit zone when armed Away it would default to Day mode or something.  Anyway the event logs say Armed Away Area 1 andf then Programmed Armed Night Area 1 so I am unclear where this is coming from.  I checked in Haiku Helper scripts and there is nothing in there about Arming the system.  I checked my programs and searched for Arm and Night and didn't come up with any obvious issues.
Any thoughts?  Thanks and much appreciated!
There is a feature that will check to see if you actually leave. It is called "unvacated Premises" under "Arming" This may be your issue if it is set to Yes.
If you want to stay in the house you could choose night delay and that should give your wife the same delay to get in as Away does. I often use this if I am coming home late, but still want the lights to follow the night mode protocalls.
Thanks! I just changed it and I will see if that helps.  It was set to yes but for some reason never seemed to be such an issue?  I just remote arm the system that is why no door or other area opens and closes?