Alarm wiring questions -


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I have two questions.

The first: I have pocket sliding glass doors. How do I mount an alarm sensor to the door? More appropriately, what kind of sensor do I need? The unfortunate thing is that I wired the door already for an external window/door contact (surface mount) which of course falls off if I open the door all the way.

The second question (two parts) pertains to the NX-8e alarm system. I just ordered a second keypad and am not sure how to set it up. I assume I wire it to the same location as the primary one. Suggestions? Finally after I get it wired, how do I program the system to recognize a second keypad?
Not sure I can help much on the first part, alot depends on the exact setup of the door. I have regular interior pocket doors and I would probably use a press fit recessed stubby sensor on the side edge and frame, but that probably won't work on glass, unless you just put the sensor in the side jamb and use a small rare earth magnet on the side of the door assuming there is at least a small lip. A pic of the door may help.

I know nothing about the NX-8E, but you should be able to figure it all out by reading the Installation manual. There is a wiring diagram that shows how to do the keypd and there are programming instructions. Good luck...