Alas, competing HA priorities


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Interesting exchange with the spousal unit today. Long story short, someone stole our brand new Japanese Maple Tree yesterday evening. Yes, a tree! They had to walk around our neighbor's BMW to get to it. It was only planted a month ago, but was flourishing and very attractive. It was pretty easy to remove, since the roots hadn't really spread out very far yet. And, it turns out, someone stole the neighbor's Dogwood 2 months ago, so we seem to have an arbor fetishist stalking us.

Anyhow, the wife looked at me and all but barked "Man, when are you going to install those security cameras you bought?!?". And, when I broke out the multimeter today to start on BSR's awesome guidance, she asked how long that would take and when the cameras would be up.

I guess having a wife supportive of HA is a good thing. And, having her now clearly understand why I bought those kodicom cards and cameras is also a good thing. Plus, it could be worse - she could have told me that we need to repaint one of the rooms. again.

Ok, off to muck with CCTV now. We're off to Disneyland for a few days on Thu am - hopefully I can get this done by then so I can refocus on the Elk ASAP...
A friend had bushes stolen a few years back. Being in the business he actually alarmed them the second time around. He ran a loop of wire through the rootballs when he planted them. Then if someone stole them they would wind up ripping out the wire setting off the alarm.

This year someone cut down his Douglass Fir tree for Christmas. I think he wants to plant "Claymore" mines now.................
IVB said:
Plus, it could be worse - she could have told me that we need to repaint one of the rooms. again.
lol! I feel your pain on this one.

This year someone cut down his Douglass Fir tree for Christmas.

Wow, where do you guy's live where people steal flora? Maybe time to get more involved with your local neighborhood watch group.
I still love those automated sentry guns that were posted here awhile back. Break the alarm to the tree's and the sentry gun goes into action!

Claymore's eh? I'm guessing that might make it difficult to mow the lawn...

My friends house is his summer house in the Hamptons so he is not there all of the time. He uses if when he is not renting it.

Since people know that the houses are empty often they take advantage of that and help themselves. He has several outdoor camera's but the tree was just out of range since it was near the street.

I guess if you are rich enough to have a house in the hamptons you can afford a few stolen bushes and trees.
Hehe, Digger, I've seen what some of those bushes and trees can cost. While it does seem slightly amusing (not being on the recieving end) I can understand the thought process, especially after some are stolen.

Hmm, the Elk only supports 208 inputs... could be a problem if we have a lot of trees and bushes :D

He ran a loop of wire through a large group of bushes root balls. This way one zone covered a whole area. I think he used a wireless transmitter on one of the runs (and stuck the transmitter in the bottom of his mailbox).

Once he did that I dont think he had a problem (of course if he didnt do that he would have lost a lot more).
Well, there was weird looking fish sitting next to the hole in my yard...

First you must find... another shrubbery! Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here, beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect with a little path running down the middle. Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with... a herring!â€
huggy59 said:
You suppose it's a new gang activity? Or just too much Monty Python?
Hey Gordon,

Bumped into John Cleese last Wednesday at a BBQ. He lives in town so have seen him a few times but hadn't spoken to him before... he's a funny guy in person too!

IVB... still can't believe someone stole your tree :)

Found this on the net today:

Thief Steals Calif. Homeowner's Front Yard

ADELANTO, California (AP) - It was a sod story for a Mojave Desert homeowner whose entire front yard - grass, bushes and sprinklers - was hauled away by a thief.

The homeowner telephoned law officials to report the yard in front of his under-construction home on was gone, a sheriff's spokeswoman Staci Johnson said Tuesday.

Witnesses told the homeowner they saw the thief taking the sod, plants and irrigation system to a nearby residence, Johnson said.

David Roger Bowers, 34, was arrested at the home and booked for investigation of grand theft and possession of stolen property, the sheriff's spokeswoman said.

The landscaping materials were returned to the victim.

Soooooooooooo how do you alarm your grass?????????
Got the first camera hooked up tonight, wife was happy. We've had the spate of Jehovah's witnesses lately. Must have been that, cuz she said:

"You know what would be cool - putting a camera INSIDE the porch, so I could able to sit in the back of the house and pull up the camera if someone rings the doorbell".

I mentioned that this was my plan all along and was looking to order it. Actually I think my exact words were "Yes, that would be cool. I'll get right on that."

It's always best when she thinks these are her ideas. Now if only I can get her to realize that putting mucho time in on the Elk is her idea...
IVB said:
Got the first camera hooked up tonight, wife was happy. We've had the spate of Jehovah's witnesses lately.
You know what's kind of fun to do?? Control your sprinklers with your HA system, have the button for the front grass near the camera pic.

Doorbell rings, (Mormans in our case) are at front door, wait till they leave (usually people walk over the grass), well, you know what button you press next... ;)