All-In-One PC's


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Apple has been doing this for years. These machines seem to be over priced for what they offer. Celeron processor, 256 meg ram, 40 gig hd.


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Once you add the touch screen and wireless card and bump up the ram and processor, it's not so cheap. My trial config on the VITA 7500S was $1724.


Active Member had an all-in-one barebones kit yesterday...

It was $189, add RAM, CPU, HDD...



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Depending what one might want to run on the touch-screen computer... I've got seven touch-screen tablets around the house (ProGear and Fujitsus) that are all cheap and work well to very well for MainLobby and/or web browsing (and decently for programming MindStorms). There are also quite a few options on eBay for touchscreen tablets of much more significant processing capacity (1GHz+) at very reasonable prices (<$1000+) including new Motion touchscreen systems and older TabletKiosk systems.

I really like the tablet-in-cradle form factor for a touch-screen computer.

$.02... or less. :rolleyes: